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Terri Lee

BA (Hons) Philosophy

Terri Lee came to UCLan to study on the BA (Hons) Philosophy in 2004 under difficult circumstances. She went on to graduate in 2006 with a very well-deserved first class degree, now teaches philosophy at A Level and works as Head of Department for Philosophy and Religious Studies in a local Lancashire college.

Terri said: “I have a lot to thank UCLan for; and not only in terms of how my time there has benefited my career. I came to university expecting to be ‘found-out’ at any moment. I felt that I was not really supposed to be at university. I was a single mum, who became so as a teenager; and I was the only one in my family to have gone to university. Coming from the area I came from, I felt I was not really meant to be there.

“I started studying at UCLan after transferring from Lancaster University in September 2004. Everyone at UCLan was so accommodating; fitting tutorials and deadlines around my family commitments and generally giving me the confidence to feel I could succeed.

“After receiving a first class degree from in 2006 I went on to study for a PGCE. I completed this with two elements at MA level, gaining 60 credits in 2007. I got a job in teaching straight away. The actual content of my philosophy degree helped me deliver Philosophy for Children modules, whilst the skills present in my degree have allowed me to successfully communicate both content in classes, and systems of rewards and sanctions outside of the formal learning.

“I currently teach KS3 and KS4 Religious Education, where we study the belief systems of people with any and no religious persuasion. I also teach Moral Issues to these Key Stages, concerning such things from vegetarianism to euthanasia and abortion. Without my Philosophy background I feel I would find this difficult. I also currently teach Philosophy and Ethics A Level, in addition to being Head of Department. I became Acting HOD after only two years, in 2010. I then became permanent HOD the year after. Without the confidence UCLan gave me, I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking up this position with such responsibilities.

“I genuinely think that my family has benefited also. My son was four when I came to University, and now, at nearly 15, he is very aware of the importance of education and he has a mum who has shown him that it is never too late to try again and succeed.”