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Tahereh Kamalian

Course: Interior Design

“Woven Environments”

Tahereh joined us from Tehran as a rug designer who wanted to explore new design disciplines and three dimensional design. As a rug designer Tahereh was used to working up all her designs in 2D using sketches and specialist software for the production of rugs and textiles. The breakthrough in her work came when she realised that the weaves she was used to working with provided exciting possibilities for reinterpretation as 3D environments. A variety of weaves were studied that presented opportunities to create worlds that required the separation of key activities from each other. This approach worked well in environments at a variety of scales from furniture to retail spaces, or construction on a much larger scale such as airports, law courts, and even cities.

We find that as soon as students find a new direction for their work they follow it with a passion. Tahereh achieved an award of Masters with Distinction.