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Stacey Bartlett

BA (Hons) Journalism

BA (Hons) Journalism

"I knew I wanted to be a journalist and looked at a few universities, but UCLan appealed to me for its course respectability.

I have some great (and some stressful!) memories of 9-5 days in Greenbank putting together our magazine project but it was worth it. One of my greatest achievements was winning the PTC Most Promising Journalism Student Award in 2012 and seeing my work for the first time in one of my favourite magazines, Company.

I had work experience at Waterstones Books Quarterly magazine in January 2011, where the editor at the time liked me and asked me back for a week's paid work - that led to him taking me on as editorial assistant when he started at We Love This Book shortly afterwards. I’m now the assistant editor at We Love This Book. I work on the magazine and website and commission and write reviews, features and interviews for both platforms.

Work experience is so important - you can work as hard as you like at university but it's not going to get you an interview unless you have the practical experience to back it up. Don't rest on your laurels, put yourself out there during your course and write for whoever will let you, otherwise you'll regret it come graduation when you're in the exact same position as hundreds of other people.

Skills like subbing marks, shorthand and InDesign are more impressive to employers than how well you can write (which is obviously important, but the other things will set you apart). I felt well-nurtured throughout third year under Cathy Darby's tutoring, and she gave us the enthusiasm and confidence we needed to grow into individual journalists."