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Scott Goldsworthy

BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development

Graduated from UCLan in 2013.

Scott graduated from the BSc(Hons) Web Design and Development course in 2013 and has already started working as a PHP Developer at Bespoke Internet in Preston.

Scott’s main focus is building new websites while also maintaining and improving existing client’s sites. The role gives Scott great variety, allowing him to enhance the skills he learnt while studying at UCLan.

He said: “As a developer, I take a web design which has been converted into a HTML template by a front-end developer. I add the functionality and the interactive parts that make the site more than just a bunch of static web pages. This can consist of writing form-processing code, linking dynamic, changeable text from the content management system that the client uses to the front-end of the site that the end user will see, or even an entirely custom piece of functionality imagined by the client.

“I'm currently developing my skills from back-end PHP to learning front-end development techniques, including responsive CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. In addition to my usual role, this will enable me to take a web design mock-up, chop it up, and build the HTML templates that the dynamic content is linked to.”

The Web Design and Development degree gave Scott the opportunity to experiment with advanced skills during his final year, something he believes was important when applying for jobs.

He added: “My degree has helped me massively because it has given me a broad range of skills to build on. The first year got me off to a great start, providing me with a solid base of foundation skills. The second year took it to the next level, with the material taught being more advanced, but the third year was by far my favourite. It gave me the opportunity to experiment with coding techniques I hadn't tried before, like HTML 5 Canvas, and AJAX. This allowed me to build an e-commerce system that I was able to demonstrate in several job interviews, which resulted in two employment opportunities over the past year, including the interview for my current job.

“I would highly recommend this degree to anyone with enthusiasm for web development. Your passion will motivate you to build and experiment above and beyond the skills taught, allowing you to build some pretty impressive web applications if you put the time and energy in!”