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Research and Consultancy in Equine Surfaces (RACES)

Funding was granted by the University of Central Lancashire for the Research and Consultancy in Equine Surfaces (RACES) partnership, to work in conjunction with Andrews Bowen Ltd, a global specialist with over 20 year’ experience developing and engineering equine surfaces.

The £5,000 funding was used to test the Olympic riding surface ahead of the 2012 games. The RACES team comprising of academic experts from UCLan, Anglia Ruskin University and Myerscough College was led by Dr Sarah Hobbs, from UCLan. They used an innovative biomechanical hoof tester to determine the functional properties of the surface including the force at impact, loading rate, hardness and grip characteristics.

By working closely with the RACES academic team and UCLan researchers in Biomechanics, the team at Andrews Bowen Ltd were able to deliver a high quality surface praised by all involved. This research has culminated in the development of equine surfaces that are setting the standard in equine technology which has puts Andrews Bowen at the forefront of innovation in this area.