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Oliver Fenech

BA(Hons) Geography (2008)

An undergraduate degree in Geography from UCLan wasn’t enough to quench Oliver’s thirst for knowledge. After further study and a stint in the energy sector, he’s now exploring opportunities at UCLan’s new Cyprus campus.

“I had always been interested in geography, so it was an easy choice to come to UCLan and study it. I liked the look of the course for a couple of reasons. There was the opportunity to engage in field work overseas and the course covered a wide range of topics – meaning you could graduate with a broad spread of knowledge,” said Oliver.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Oliver stayed at UCLan to complete a University Certificate in Sustainability.

Oliver Fenech

“When I finally left UCLan, I felt I had established the core skills needed to succeed in the sustainability sector. Looking back at my time at UCLan, the dedication of the teaching staff really stands out; they are so committed to providing the best possible support and guidance. Another highlight would be when we visited the Maasi Centre in Kenya to experience practical fieldwork in a different part of the world - an excellent experience.”

After graduating Oliver spent time travelling before embarking on a Masters degree at the University of Nottingham. He then secured employment as a Project Manager in the wind energy sector, putting the skills he had learnt at UCLan into practice identifying and developing projects aimed at harnessing the power of on-shore wind.

Oliver now has his sights firmly set on his next academic challenge, and is currently exploring opportunities at UCLan Cyprus – where he currently has a scholarship offer towards studying an MBA and is investigating the possibility of studying for a PhD there.

Speaking of UCLan Cyprus, Oliver commented: “It’s great to see it developing so quickly with facilities of a very high standard and it’s in a perfect location, with the Middle East, North Africa and Europe within easy reach. Personally, studying in Cyprus appeals to me due to the opportunity to become acquainted with the Mediterranean culture, history and the stunning beauty of the island.”

“My degree from UCLan has been the foundation for my further success - it allowed me to gain employment in a field I am passionate about, whilst enabling me to undertake further study,” reflected Oliver. “UCLan also furnished me with the impetus to continue to study in both traditional and non-traditional ways, opening my mind to new ideas and enabling me to interact with a range of people I may never have met. For me, that’s what University is all about – it’s invaluable.”

TOP TIP FOR UNDERGRADUATES: Firstly, be ambitious and make sure you come to university for the ‘right reasons’. Once there make the most of your time – at university there are so many opportunities to learn and develop new skills outside of the lecture theatre.