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Michele Monni

MA International Journalism

After graduating from the MA International Journalism in 2009, Michele Monni moved to Ramallah to fulfil the dream of many a journalist: Michele works as a foreign correspondent for the Italian news agency ANSA.

Reporting from Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories, he is writing breaking news, feature articles and analysis from the ground. Appointments carry him across Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, where he interviews politicians and members of the civil society, attends press conferences and cultural events, and sometimes writes investigative reports. On the side, he also contributes to the weekly Italian magazine L’Espresso.

Michele remembers his experience at UCLan as “very intense and fulfilling”, with “excellent professors and lecturers, amazing facilities.” It is here he acquired his journalistic skills and a broad understanding of international media that opened the path to his career – also, he was able to “make good friends” in his course.

His advice is simple: “If you want to work as a journalist abroad you should read extensively about everything (gossip included), save some money, pack your backpack and buy a ticket. Keeping in mind two things: 1) Always remember who you are, where you come from and what you are doing. 2) Constantly remind to yourself that the most important thing is giving the news.”