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Magdala Tcheuffa Gwei

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy first year

Magdala studied BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy first year at UCLan.

"Most of all, I enjoy the practical sessions. The majority of what I learn comes from these sessions because rather than talking in class and giving lectures, the lecturers actually show us where exactly a particular muscle or bone is found in the body, how to palpate it and explains in depth the lectures. Moreover, I like the fact that we are sent on placements. That has enabled me to learn how to approach and communicate with different people. Having lectures posted on Webct before the session helps me prepare before coming to class and therefore boost my understanding.

I like the fact that we work in groups all the time. I used to be the shy and quiet type. I am a different person now. I feel free like every other person asking questions and participating in the laughter and jokes. I am able to feedback a group presentation to the whole class. Now I feel like I am a member of the class. Thanks to UCLan!

As soon as I arrived at UCLan The ‘i’ team was there to welcome me and escort me to my flat. There were directions all over the campus and all I did was read and follow the instructions which were pretty easy.

The University has done so much for me academically and morally too. I have a personal tutor who is always ready to support and explain further in terms of academics. Organising camp activities and outings has greatly increased my self-confidence, I feel much comfortable than before when working in a group session.

I never knew the people here were so welcoming and friendly. They always show concern about how you feel and are ready to help you. That is something which has encouraged me and pushed me to move forward. I wish to qualify as a physiotherapist, and then continue at UCLan with a masters degree in sports therapy. If I get a job after, I will gladly stay back to work, if not then return home and render my services to those in need."