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Karen H. Riise Walmsley

MA Strategic Communication

"In 2009 I graduated with a Masters degree in Strategic Communication after previously having successfully completed an undergraduate course in Communication Studies. I was looking forward to going to Preston to study as I had heard many great things about UCLan and the course I was going to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed both my courses at UCLan and found that all my professors were very knowledgeable in their respective subjects. Initially I had some concerns with completing a Masters degree in only one year (in my home country it takes two years to complete), especially due to the time constraints on writing the dissertation. However, everything went smoothly as my dissertation supervisor followed my progress closely and provided me with valuable advice.

Preston is a wonderful city, with friendly people both in and outside of the student environment. What I love about Preston are all the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, such as the Cocktail Factory, Duk & Pond, and all the little shops away from the high street. Also, it is easy to visit other cities such as Edinburgh and London as they are only short train rides away! You’ll be sure to meet lots of friends during freshers week and other induction programmes – everyone is keen to get to know other people. I for one ended up getting married to the best of the local Prestonians! There are also many clubs and societies you can join and it’s easy to find one or more that interests you, and UCLan has a big international environment too.

The university has a great reputation for finding employment for students after graduation through the service called Futures. I completed an internship I found through them which provided me with valuable experience. I am now working for a company doing internal communications which is my dream job. I believe my degrees at UCLan and the internship were contributing factors to landing this dream job. If you are wondering about choosing UCLan I say go for it. You’ll be sure to meet great people, receive great education, and perhaps learn a thing or two about yourself."