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Jonathan Lim

MA Business Administration

Malaysian alumni Jonathan Lim came to UCLan to study a master's because, as he puts it: “the MBA gave me an excellent perspective of managing a business.”

After completing his degree, Jonathan returned to Malaysia and worked as a Bank Officer for the Standard Chartered Banking Group. He eventually worked his way up to Vice-President, managing a business unit for a bank in Malaysia. He described the process as a “tough but rewarding journey whereby I was fortunate to have been given exposure in many areas of banking.”

After working at various institutions such as HSBC, Jonathan is now Managing Director and Senior Consultant of a private consultancy firm in thriving Kuala Lumpur. However it all started here in Preston.

Commenting on his time at UCLan, Jonathan said: “The staff members of Lancashire Business School were fantastic and helpful. They made my study and stay in Preston a wonderful experience. There was an incident when ‘Noddy’ my flatmate left the frying pan on the hood and had our kitchen in Derwent Hall spewing black smoke!”

Jonathan Lim

He continued: “The experience and learning has given me more confidence and better perspective in life to be courageous and take on challenges. Being able to pick myself up again and again. No matter how many times I might fall or fail.

“Have a dream, believe in it and act on it. Dreams do come true. Be creative!”