Jhumar Mathrani

After graduating from Bhopal School of Social Sciences in India, Jhumar chose to come to the UK to pursue her dreams to gain a Masters in Business Administration. After her father explored several UK universities, UCLan was the first he chose and UCLan gladly offered Jhumar a place to study full-time.

After graduating from UCLan, Jhumar travelled back to India to pursue a job opportunity in Mumbai. Within three months she became a Deputy Manager in the Process and Quality Department of India’s leading hospitality company, Sodexo Food Solutions Ltd.

In her current position, Jhumar’s responsibilities include tracking and promoting company policies throughout the organisation, as well as conducting training and inductions for new managers on rulebook and standing operational procedures.

Jhumar reflected on her time at UCLan: “I am indebted to the UCLan professors who have been my guiding light and have always been there when I needed them.”

She continued: “UCLan provided ample resources and invaluable support to accomplish studies along with some of the finest memories to take back home. In India, degrees from international universities are highly valued. I have come so far professionally because of the knowledge and experience I gained during my programme.”