Jessica Lauren Gibson

Acting, BA (Hons)

"I have always loved performing and knew it was what I wanted to do since doing the Nativity in primary school, I was lucky enough to attend Lipa Sixth form which really clarified for me that it was something I could make a career.

"I chose to audition at UCLan through recommendation from the students there aswell as my acting tutor. I didn’t know a lot about the course apart from the love and passion the previous students shown. As soon as I looked into what the course entailed I was intrigued as it seems everything I wanted and needed as an actor. Whilst auditioning I could understand completely why they were so enthusiastic about it, the whole acting team but me at ease instantly and it felt like family. They are doing everything that drama schools are meant to offer and it was closer to home for me so I knew this was the place I wanted to spend my 3 years."

Whats the best thing about your course (so far)?

"This is such a hard question because I love every day I spend learning my craft. Every module has had learning curves for me and that’s what it’s all about, nothing feels easy but it is pushing me to be a better person and actor all in one. Animal studies in first year is something I’ll always remember and continue to learn from. I was in a group of 3 performing as gazelles, this was completely out of my comfort zone within movement but the pure detail involved inspired me and made me understand the complexity of acting.

Jessica Lauren Gibson

"I loved how everyone got so involved and it became this magical animalistic performing that everyone was so engaged by rather than being something stupid and funny. This is down to the sheer support from everyone involved in the acting course which is the best thing about being at UCLan, I am always feeling pushed and challenged."

How do you think this will help with your career ambition?

"I think being able to allow myself to perform in all of these different ways using different techniques and practitioners it will enable me to be free when I leave to go into whatever I want too with confidence knowing I have many skills under my belt making me more of a diverse actor, having trained also in radio and tv whilst being here. UCLan being a university also helps as there is always opportunity whilst being here and even when I leave to get involved with. During last year I was part of many short films, I presented a music show that is on sky TV, I also walked in a fashion show. I wouldn’t have had any of these experiences without the connections UCLan provides. Having other students around me that are studying courses that connect directly to mine such as film, it allows easy opportunities to get connections early on that could be vital after leaving. I already in second year have some confidence in my ability to make it when I leave due to the advice and training I am given, my course is always preparing me for the real world, making sure everything is as professional as possible therefor I won’t be taken back when I have to do it for real."

Have you had any obstacles you’ve had to overcome?

"As an actor I do get very nervous before I perform, which did effect my quality of voice making me sound very breathy and it hindered my performances. In first year many of the performances relied a lot on voice, especially verse and prose where it is just 3 minutes of performing using only my voice which made me feel very exposed and Vulnerable. Having got through this performance felt so rewarding and since this each voice performance I’ve had to do has got more and more enjoyable which also means I am less nervous therefor my voice technique has improved massively."

What tips would you give to students wanting to study your course at UCLan?

"I would say to just give it your all even if you sometimes don’t understand why you are doing something, always trust the process because it will all click at the end.  The tutors know what they are talking about and will always do what’s best for you. Also just be yourself, the tutors and the students just want somebody they can work well with but also have there own opinions and ideas. Last thing I would say is, no matter how hard it is try to leave your personal life outside of the Media Factory because you only have three years of training and you will regret not committing to it because it goes by faster than you can imagine. Have fun and do your best."

26 February 2020