Jason Thelwell

BSc (Hons) Fire Engineering Management

Jason Thelwell

Jason Thelwell used his degree in BSc (Hons) Fire Engineering Management which he was awarded to him by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) to climb through the ranks of the Fire and Rescue Service. Jason was recently awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal in the recent New Year's Honours List. He describes the honour as “a fantastic opportunity for my family and for my service.”

Talking about why he chose UCLan, Jason explains, “It was the centre of excellence for fire studies in the UK and it had a great mix of students from around the world.” His lasting memory is “Meeting different people from different cultures, who are at different times in their careers, and listening to their experiences and sharing my experiences and my thoughts with them.”

Jason adds: “It gave me the foundations, it gave me the technical knowledge, the experience in terms of not getting stuck in one place; talking to other people, listening to other people and always take other opinions on board.”

Jason’s advice to anyone graduating or looking to do something similar would be to “work hard, don't have any boundaries. Never be intimidated by anything or anybody and if you want advice and help always pitch it at the highest level, generally if you ask people nicely they will always help you.”