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James Pattison

BSc Mathematics (2011)

James developed a passion for mathematics during college and it seemed the next logical step was for him to continue with the subject at university.

James graduated from UCLan and went straight to work for British Gas on a 3-month contract as an Integrity Analyst. During his time at British Gas, James was required to analyse the data acquired from the field on pipe densities. However, his most important role was to suggest and create new processes and data checks to maximise efficiency and reduce risk.

After his contract with British Gas came to an end James started a training course to learn a computer programming language called C# (C Sharp), as he wanted to apply his mathematics knowledge into software development.

As soon as James completed his training course he started to look for jobs and was lucky enough to find a graduate role as a junior developer. He went on to progress quickly within this role and after 18-months, gained a job at Flagship Housing Group where he re-designed and restructured their software.

Currently, James is Managing Director and Senior Software Engineer at ServiceTick Ltd, as well as managing his own start-up company.

Speaking about his experience at UCLan, James said; “There’s two ways to think about a maths degree. The first is that you’re learning about complex math in esoteric subjects. The second is that you’re training your brain to understand complex systems, find complex patterns and find solutions to complex problems. That is core to serious software development. In my honest opinion, some people just have a knack for that kind of problem solving, I certainly did, but you can still improve with some formal teaching which I did. That kind of training can be sorely lacking from some computer science engineering degrees.”

Since graduating in 2011, James’s career has been a great success; “My greatest achievement since graduation would be how much I have excelled in my career in such a short time. Normally it would take over six years for someone to reach Senior Software Engineer level.”

When asked what advice he would offer to prospective students, James says: “Make sure the degree you do is something that you’re passionate about and success will come easily. If you know what you want in life then let nothing stop you and you will eventually get what you want.”