Isabel Rumoroso

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, 1993

Looking for a degree in science, Isabel Rumoroso made the journey all the way from France to study BSc (Hons) Chemistry at UCLan. Despite being a long way from home, the Parisian embraced the challenge of learning a new culture and language alongside her academic studies.

“Moving to England and commencing studies at the University was the first time I had lived away from home, never mind living abroad,” said Rumoroso.

“The student way of life was something I enjoyed, and living on campus was completely different to living back at home in Paris. I liked the level of interaction you could have with lecturers, which was vastly improved to the experience I had at my French university.”

Since graduating, Rumoroso spent time working for a Chemical company in Manchester and obtaining her Master’s degree before landing a role at Chemoxy International Ltd. in the laboratory in which she “enjoyed some great success in that field.”

The French native worked her way through several roles at Chemoxy and now works as the company’s Commercial Manager, with responsibilities including managing the company’s large range of products, sourcing raw materials for the products, production planning and forecasting, as well as being involved in marketing and sales in the global marketplace.

Isabel Rumoroso

Talking about her time at UCLan, Isabel said: “I think that my time at UCLan has had a huge impact on my life. I am very happy to have had a career in which I can make full use of my background in science, as well as my talent for languages.

“I consider my greatest achievement to be the fact that I am able to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career at the same time as raising a family. I couldn’t have managed this without the support of my great husband, who I co-incidentally met at UCLan. I have them to thank for that too!”


05 April 2018