Ike Obanye

BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology, 2006

Like many young students before him, Ike Obanye had little idea of what to study and where his life was going to take him. What he did know, however, was that he wanted to move away from London for further education and decided to up sticks and move up north to Preston.

“After dropping my bags at my room on my first day, I walked to the fresher’s week stalls,” said Ike. “I didn’t know anyone in the city or even in this part of the country. And instead of feeling scared or anything, I really felt excited and that I was in the right place at the right time.”

Having a general interest in the built environment, Ike eventually decided on the BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology course.

The Londoner quickly excelled in his studies, and graduated in 2006 with a CIAT award for outstanding achievement as the highest graduating honours degree student.

The First Class student then spent years honing his craft, working for a plethora of architectural firms and even returned to UCLan as a lecturer before Ike’s biggest success to date.

“I had a dream whilst studying at UCLan that I will run my own company one day. Six years later, I made it happen!”

In 2013, Iketecture, Ike’s own architectural firm, was born. Ike managed to start this firm in his twenties, which he puts as a close second in his greatest achievements behind marriage and having two children.

Ike added: “Studying at UCLan allowed me to discover my passion and myself. It set the strong foundation that my career has been built upon and I am very grateful for it.”


05 April 2018