• Trish

    BA/BSc(Hons) Combined/Joints (Year 2)

    Harris Bursary Fund

"Being a mature student with a disability I have struggled both physically and financially. Living on my own means that money has been very tight and I was unable to work for a long time due to my disability worsening after an accident."

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I received some food vouchers which helped a lot as I had been unable to spend a lot of money on essential food items due to me living so far from university and having to spend so much on travel to attend lectures."

“After I graduate I hope to achieve a career in the social sector which means I will be able to give support to people in need.   My family are also very proud that I have taken on this challenge in my life and I am very happy to be doing it for myself and it is something that I really enjoy." 

Trish’s Advice

“My advice to current students would be to apply to the Harris Bursary Fund to see if they can help you. Be honest about what you are struggling with as they may be able to help you with vouchers, books or equipment which could make all the difference in enabling you to complete your studies.”

Trish’s thank you

“The Harris Bursary Fund has helped me so much and they deserve a big thank you. I think it is wonderful that people are willing to give both their time and donations to enable students to study and create a better future for themselves and those around them.”