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  • Theo

    BSc(Hons) Chemistry (Year 2)


“Before coming to UCLan I was having serious family issues that forced me to leave my home and support myself. My mother’s mental health and anger issues had become too much for me to handle whilst trying to achieve my A-Levels. Despite suffering from depression at the time I made it through college and came to study at UCLan. However without the financial safety net of having a caring family I really struggled to support myself especially with the expensive equipment I needed for my course." 

“I received book vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund with which I was able to pay for the entire reading list for my course. I was also awarded a laptop which meant I could study at home which really helped me with my assignments. I could never have afforded my books or a computer with the budget I was on and I can safely say that without the awards I wouldn’t still be at UCLan studying science and building towards my future.

“My degree will hopefully help me begin a bright and colourful career in the chemical industry, one that could also help give my family a better life. I hope to one day carry out postgraduate research into drug synthesis and application and travel the world."

Theo’s advice

"To fellow students struggling to fund their studies I would tell them to not give up and that help is available if they take the time to look for it. Have the confidence to ask for support because it will help you carry on following your dream.”

Theo’s thank you

“I cannot say thank you enough to the generous benefactors, stakeholders and people who have given donations to the Harris Bursary Fund. Without your kind charity my studies would have been impossible to accomplish. You have given me the chance to lay down a strong foundation for my future.”