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  • BA(Hons) Music Theatre (Year 3)


“Before I came to UCLan I was made redundant which left my family living off my wife’s part-time wage. I decided to come to UCLan to study a subject I have always been passionate about and to improve my career prospects. However as parents to three teenage children, one of which is registered blind, we struggled to support ourselves financially." 

“I received £100 worth of food vouchers which were fantastic and made a real difference. Having three growing children our weekly food shop is quite steep so we were able to use the vouchers to reduce the cost and spend the saved money on something else the children needed."

“In the future I would like to achieve a career that I enjoy and supports my family. The right career could reduce our money worries, improve our family life and give my children the best start in life."

Steve’s advice

“My advice to other students who are struggling financially and might be thinking about dropping out of University would be to never give up and that asking for help is not a weakness. There is help out there, such as the Harris Bursary Fund, and sometimes when you tell someone your troubles they don’t seem as bad.”

Steve’s thank you

“I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Harris Bursary Fund. Receiving the vouchers really meant a lot to me and struggling this year has made me realise how precious money is. The people who donate to the Fund are so selfless and I would just like to say thank you.”