• Shaniss

    BA(Hons) Digital Design for Fashion (Year 1)


“Being born and raised in Africa I knew from an early age the value of education. I knew that when I came to study at UCLan it would be a challenge but I wanted to accomplish my dream of getting a degree. My mum is a single parent and decided to move to England for a better life, things have never been easy for her but she has always encouraged me to aim high and dream big. Our financial situation has never been great so when I came to University I found I was struggling to support myself and commit to my studies. " 

“I received food and book vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. They were a miracle for me as I was under such financial pressure and I didn’t believe that I would ever find help with my situation. They took such a load of my shoulders and helped me to focus my attention back to my studies."

“In the near future I hope to gain work experience in the fashion industry and also possibly go on to postgraduate study. I hope my career will bring positive change for my family and one day I hope to set up a charity to help girls in my home country of Zimbabwe to gain an education."

Shaniss’s advice

“My advice to students who may be struggling would be to apply for the Harris Bursary Fund as it could take the pressure off and allow you to concentrate on what’s most important – success.”

Shaniss’s thank you

“I would quite simply like to say a huge thank you for allowing me to keep chasing my dreams.”