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  • Sabina *

    BA(Hons) Arabic and Islamic Studies (Year 1)

    Harris Bursary Fund

“Following a separation from my husband I became a single parent on benefits for the first time in my life.  I decided I should study for a degree so that I could stand a chance of getting a decent job so I could fully provide for my son.  I have very few family members in this country so I have little support with my young son’s childcare costs.  I worried constantly about how I could survive as a single mother on student loans." 

“From the Harris Bursary Fund I received £200 in food vouchers.  This meant money that I would usually spend on food could be spent on childcare.  The vouchers helped me enormously and I was so grateful to have received them."

“I hope to go on to study a MA in a foreign language and then to have a career in teaching language or as a translator.  By teaching a language I hope to have a positive impact on the community by breaking down the barrier of language in order to help people understand other cultures." 

Sabina’s Advice

“My advice to other students that are struggling would be that before you consider giving up on your degree, something you have worked so hard for, you should definitely apply to the Harris Bursary Fund. Remember that you may struggle financially for a few years at university but the chance for a better financial future by gaining a degree is worth it.”

Sabina’s thank you

“Thank you to anyone that donates to the Harris Bursary Fund, I am very grateful for your kind contributions. The impacts of your donations are huge; they save students from leaving their studies due to financial hardship. Your contributions are enabling more educated and professional people to enter into society which can only be advantageous.”

*The name of this student has been changed to protect their identity.