• Natalie

    BA(Hons) Hospitality Management (Year 3)


“I am a single parent and found it hard in the last part of my third year to juggle my university workload and my home life. I had to give up working part-time to concentrate on my intense workload. With not working my finances became a struggle."

“I received £100 in food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund which freed up money for other house bills that I had fallen behind with. I also received £100 in book vouchers which helped me to complete my degree."

“I hope to achieve a managerial position within a hospitality or travel organisation. This would help my family in terms of stability."

Natalie's Advice

“My advice to other students would be that if you feel there is no way out of your financial problem, then don’t just contemplate applying - just get on with it! The Harris Bursary Fund has helped me and can help you.”

Natalie’s thank you

“I am extremely thankful for your support. The Harris Bursary Fund enabled me to continue with my degree and it has benefited my family. It is lovely to know that there are caring and considerate people out there. I couldn’t be more thankful.”