• Michael

    BA(Hons) Music Practice (Year 2)


“Originally I was studying my degree at the University of Derby however at the end of my first year I applied to continue my studies here at UCLan.  This decision was due to personal reasons concerning my health and my family." 

“I received £100 of food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund.  For a student relying solely on student loans, these vouchers were a life-saver.  It is currently very difficult to get a job in Preston; since moving here I have only attained employment as a Christmas temp which doesn’t provide long-term income."

“After I complete my degree I plan to continue my studies and begin a Music Practice MA.  I am currently looking into my options in pursuing this as I want to continue my development and secure my future in my chosen field of work."

“People need to be made aware of charities like the Harris Bursary Fund because university fees are going to rise and people are going to be put off joining university." 

Michael's Advice

My advice to other students would be to look into the Harris Bursary Fund because the food vouchers provided were a weight lifted off my shoulders. They took away some of the pressures of university and this was a comfort to me.”

Michael’s thank you

“The award from the Harris Bursary lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.  When I was stressed and anxious with my study and personal life this award aided me with my financial situation.  Thank you for the support provided, I am really grateful.”