• Karen

    BA(Hons) Children, Schools and Families (Top Up Degree) (Final Year)


“I started studying at UCLan so that I would be able to train for a more substantial career so that I can increase my potential earning capacity.  This seemed necessary in order to provide for my three children when I found myself a single parent. Despite two of my children being young adults they unfortunately still need providing for and therefore I need to be able to meet the monthly household bills without having to rely upon my parents or the welfare state.  My first three years of the degree were part-time with lectures during the evening so this enabled me to work full-time.  However this year, due to degree commitments, I was no longer able to continue as a full-time employee in the primary school where I worked and so reduced my hours.  This greatly affected my finances." 

“I was lucky to receive £100 of food vouchers that arrived at the most perfect moment. At the time my student loan had run out with over a month to wait until my next instalment and friends and family were trying to help me financially."

“I have been offered a conditional place on the MA Social Work programme both here at UCLan and Lancaster University which I will take up dependent upon my class of degree. I wish to train as a social worker to be able to give something back to society. My studies have taught me that there are so many people in our society who unfortunately will never be in a position to enter higher education and live the fulfilled life that I have. I hope to be able to help these people and look forward to finally being in a position to do so."

Karen's Advice

“My advice to other students would be to never give up without weighing up every choice open to you and always ask for help. We never get anywhere without asking for support. There are so many nice people out there that will always want to help and listen.”

Karen’s thank you

“I would like to say a very big thank you to the Harris Bursary Fund; it provides students with a little bit of help and a lot of encouragement to keep going. Thank you to the people who donate; your support makes people like me feel like they matter and gives them the motivation to carry on. “