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  • Jennifer

    DipHE Operating Department Practice (Year 2)


“Shortly after starting my second year my partner of three years, with whom I shared a house, was killed in a car accident.  I was left devastated.  Not only had I lost my partner but I was financially struggling to run our home and had now become solely responsible for our debts.  Unable to cope emotionally and financially I moved back home with my mother but soon realised I needed my independence.  I moved into rented accommodation but was still struggling financially.  I loved my course and my placement but felt that I might have to give it up if I continued to find myself in this financial situation." 

“I received £100 worth of food vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund that massively helped me as it freed up money that I could use for travelling to see my support worker.  I no longer felt under as much financial pressure."

“I have one year left here at UCLan; after university I hope to find a career at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals as an Operating Department Practitioner in anaesthetics and recovery. Staying at university and in my placement has massively helped me through what I would describe as the hardest time in my life and I am so glad I have persevered with it."

Jennifer's Advice

“If anyone was to find themselves in a similar situation to myself I would highly recommend that they apply to the Harris Bursary Fund and continue with their studies as it has really helped me stay focused in this difficult time.”

Jennifer’s thank you

“I would like to say thank you to all those who donate to the Harris Bursary Fund. Without their generosity I don’t think I would have been able to cope with the financial struggle I found myself in. I would have made the biggest mistake of my life and dropped out of university. You have helped me keep strong through this awful time and I hope in the future I will be able to help future students.”