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  • Gillian

    BA/BSc(Hons) Combined Honours (Year 2)


“I did well during my first year of my degree, however at the start of my second year my husband started to have trouble at his workplace and after an altercation with another team member my husband was suspended from work. This left us in financial difficulties as my husband’s mental health started to deteriorate and the doctor had signed him off sick and told him to take time to recover.  We had already readjusted our finances to allow me to study a degree so this incident happening also created a situation where we could barely afford to live." 

“The Harris Bursary Fund awarded me food vouchers and book tokens and they have helped me a great deal.  With the food vouchers I have managed to stock my cupboards up with non-perishable foods that I know will last us a while and with the book tokens I have managed to buy some of the core textbooks for my subject.  Having the textbooks has made it easier for me to do my best at university.  "

“Once I have completed my course I will have a degree in History with English Literature and I hope to one day become a primary school teacher."

Gillian's Advice

“I would encourage students who are facing difficulty to get help from the Harris Bursary Fund; the award came at a time when I thought there was no one on my side. The sense of relief I experienced when I received my tokens was immense. Leaving your studies should be the very last option; I know that my life will be better once I have finished my degree.”

Gillian’s thank you

“I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Harris Bursary Fund. I was at a very low time in my life and nothing was going right when the Harris Bursary Fund became my first step in turning my life around. Knowing that there are people and organisations out there willing to help is fantastic. I cannot thank you all enough.”