• Csilla

    BA(Hons) Product Design (year 2)

“Shortly after starting high school my dad passed away from cancer and a few years later my mum was also diagnosed with cancer and I became her sole carer. This massively affected my studies at college as my priority was caring for my mum. During my final year at sixth form my mum sadly passed away and I suffered from depression. Her one wish was for me to go to university, so I applied and came to UCLan. I constantly worried how I was going survive financially let alone buy the supplies and software I needed for my course. I felt like I had nobody to support me or tell me everything would be okay."

“I received £200 worth of food vouchers and £200 in book vouchers from the Harris Bursary Fund. The food vouchers took such a huge weight off my shoulders as I no longer had to panic about what I could eat on such a small budget. I was able to purchase much needed software for my course with my book vouchers, which helped enormously.

“Once I graduate I really hope to become a successful product designer. If I achieve this career it would make me extremely happy as I want to design products that will help people in their everyday lives. I will always be grateful to the University and the Harris Bursary Fund as there is not a chance I would have been able to carry on with my study without their support."

Csilla’s advice

“What I would say to other students finding themselves in financial hardship is that applying for the help of the Harris Bursary Fund was probably one of the best things I have ever done. Knowing that there is somebody there for you to listen to your problems and help you out is really a great feeling for people like me who don’t really have anyone.”

Csilla’s thank you

“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Harris Bursary Fund. The vouchers I received stopped my constant worrying and definitely made me a happier person. The support I received from the staff was fantastic also, I couldn’t think of a better charity.”