Alison - BA (Hons) Community Leadership (Year 1)


    "Never give up and ask for help if you need it."


“As a single parent of two children, the youngest of which suffers from Spina Bifida, I was struggling to juggle my university commitments and providing for my family. My son’s disability means that I spend most of my spare time taking him to hospital appointments and caring for him, making having a job difficult. This meant I couldn’t afford my course books or a home computer and was often behind in my studies."

“I was so surprised when I was awarded food vouchers, book tokens and a printer from the Harris Bursary Fund. The book tokens allowed me to access core reading materials I needed to complete my course and receiving the printer meant I was able to complete my assignment at home, easing my childcare worries. The food vouchers couldn’t have come at a better time as I was really struggling financially and they meant I could relax in knowing that being at university was not stopping me from providing for my children.

“I came to UCLan with one goal - to improve the life of myself and my children. After completing my course I hope to work in the local community. I know what it’s like to struggle and how difficult it is to ask for help, so I want to help others in my position.

Alison’s Advice

“My advice to other students would be to never give up and ask for help if you need it. University really is open to everyone and the Harris Bursary Fund goes out of its way to make it that way.”

Alison’s thank you

“Without the help of the Harris Bursary Fund I wouldn’t be a student right now so I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the Fund. You have enabled me to carry on studying to achieve a better life for my family.