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Gemma Harris

Course: MA Interior Design

“Speakers Quarter”

Gemma joined the course as a Fine Artist who wanted to expand her portfolio of work to engage the use of spaces. With no background in design and no experience of computer software modelling Gemma was able to learn a full range of new skills over the three semesters she worked with us. Her sheer determination meant that she achieved her goal and alongside the learning of new skills developed a highly creative proposal for the city. Gemma created a series of funnel shaped structures n the city where people could speak their minds at key points of the day such as lunchtime or rush hour commuter times. The project allowed people not only to vent their views but to share these as the venues recorded networks were linked so that TV, Radio and newspapers could share the views of the street. Arguments and debate would be invited through the use of digital billboards on major commuting routes. Ultimately the project combined journalism with Social media within a place where people felt at home to share their views and opinions.