Engineering Symposium

engineering banner
This May, the second annual Engineering Symposium took place in 53 Degrees. The event was an opportunity for engineering students to show off their projects to their peers, tutors as well as industry professionals.

After an introduction by Matt Dickinson a series of three-minute presentations took place where students showed off their excellent knowledge whilst displaying a high level of composure as they stood on the stage in 53 Degrees to explain their projects to a packed audience.

It wasn’t just a day for master’s students, however, with third years also getting the opportunity to show off their posters and projects to potential employers and fellow students. First and second year students who attended were able to gain a wonderful insight in to what’s to come for them in the future.

“I was in two minds about coming today because it wasn’t compulsory,” 2nd year Motorsport Engineering Student, Bradley Roberts said.

“However, by attending I’ve got to see what I’ve got in store over the next couple of years and I’ve now got more ideas about what my final year project is going to be.”

Perhaps the highlight of the day was the unveiling of a “P.I.G”, a mechanism built by a group of students designed to clear out pipes in an effective and efficient manner.

The group of students, who were put together at random, were given a vague brief and were told to just try and get on with it the best they could and ended up producing a piece of industry standard machinery.

Matt Dickinson, a lecturer in engineering and one of the key drivers behind the event, said: “The event is an opportunity to take a look at all students across all years. The aim is to throw them in to realistic conference like scenarios so when they go into the real world and real interviews they can say they’ve got experience of presenting their work in front of large crowds.”

“Engineering is a discipline stereotypically associated with men but today has shown we are open to all genders and all races and we are really proud of that.”