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Emma Yates

BSc(Hons) Forensic Science (2004)

In her role as a Regional Intelligence Analyst, responsible for analysing a range of police intelligence, Emma is applying skills that she learnt as an undergraduate at UCLan.

“My time at UCLan shaped my entire life,” she recalls. “What we saw and heard in lectures could be quite upsetting and graphic, but it was vital if you were to understand the subject and get a role. The lecturers were great and we made use of fantastic facilities. Choosing to come to UCLan was the best decision I ever made.”

“I had been interested in criminal investigations and criminology for as long as I can remember, so when I spotted a course studying Forensic Science in my UCAS book, I couldn’t believe my luck. There were only a few universities in the country that offered it and UCLan was my first choice.”

After completing her A Levels and being accepted onto the Forensic Science course, Emma moved 100 miles away from her home in Mansfield to take up her place at UCLan.

Emma Yates

“I gained valuable life experience moving away from home and had a great time. The social life was immense and I genuinely made friends for my life. I’m also thankful for coming to UCLan, as without it I wouldn’t have met my fabulous husband Mark!”

After graduating, Emma spent a period of time in temporary roles, before finally joining Lancashire Police on January 7th 2007. “I’ll always remember that date,” she said, “the day all my hard work finally paid off.” Emma started work as a CCTV Investigator for major incidents – where she won a commendation for outstanding achievement – before leaving to become a Public Protection Researcher.

“As I aspired to become an intelligence analyst, I had to develop the research skills which would allow me to do this. This and my subsequent role as a Survey Analyst allowed me to develop the real-world analytical and research skills needed. The career moves paid off and I soon gained my first Intelligence Analyst job, working at a regional level to analyse serious armed robberies.”

In her current role, Emma analyses armed robberies across the whole of the North, including Scotland and Northern Ireland, analysing a wide range of police intelligence such as offender descriptions, weapons used and premises targeted to establish any links between offences.

“Going to UCLan was the best decision I ever made. The skills I gained as a Forensic Science undergraduate assisted me in getting the dream job, along with a huge amount of patience and determination. I knew the type of career I wanted from an early age, and it took years of hard work to get there, but I did. That’s hugely satisfying.

TOP TIP FOR UNDERGRADUATES: Never ever deviate or give up on the path you want to take. You’ll stumble and sometimes even fall, just pick yourself up and keep going. You have to be in it, to win it!