Ed Sanderson

MEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering, 2017

Now studying for a PHD


Life after UCLan will never be the same again. That’s the view of MEng (Hons) Computer Aided Engineering student Ed Sanderson. Ed completed his degree at the University before deciding to stay on to take his PHD in “The Simulation and Prediction of Energy Consumption Profiles for the Built Environment.”

When asked how much he enjoyed studying at UCLan during his degree, Ed stated just how much he has to thank the University for.

“The experience has been life-changing. I began my studies with a very narrow view of what engineering actually is, and the way the degree has shaped my skillset and understanding has led me to develop an absolute passion for the subject. The process involved many challenges, and myself and peers spent many late nights working on projects and assignments, but through this I have developed an appreciation of just how rewarding it can be to fully immerse yourself in a task, overcome difficulties and produce a new solution to a problem.

“In addition to academic work, the community of staff and students in the School of Engineering is particularly enthusiastic and there is a real drive to apply skills in extracurricular activities, a sign I think of how inspiring the course material is. These activities can provide an insight into less conventional areas of engineering, as well as a good laugh.

“Accounting for the development that the degree has taken me through and the fun I have had along the way, in and out of class, I can really say that studying this degree has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life, and has left me hungry to learn and experience more.

At PHD level, Ed chose stray away from his engineering route as he selected to study the simulation and prediction of energy consumption profiles for the built environment.

It is a subject that Ed feels passionately about and believes that he has help to improve energy supply through his ideas and methods that he can bring to his PHD.

“The subject of energy as a whole has grown close to my heart, and I feel that addressing the issues involved with the generation and supply of energy should be a major priority, both to counter the unsustainable impacts of society on the environment such as climate change, in addition to making energy affordable and available to all.

“Much of current research is focused on developing sustainable solutions to these problems, but in general the proposed solutions must be implemented intelligently and efficiently, leading to the requirement for appropriate tools. So it is personally fulfilling to spend my PhD studying one type of these tools and to attempting to develop an improvement to the current state-of-the-art.

Ed chose to stay at UCLan to take his PHD because of the impact the University has had on his life as a whole as well as the facilities and help available at UCLan. When speaking about the guidance he has received during his PHD studies, Ed was full of praise for the support that the University offers to its post-graduate students.

“Even when you might not have time to reply to their emails, they have an eye out for you and make it difficult to miss anything important. The library and information services (LIS) also do their very best in making any academic and technical resources available, and any request for additional material is always handled with urgency.

“The support for post-graduate students at UCLan is phenomenal. The research student registry office do their very best to ensure students are provided with everything they need, from general academic training to administrative guidance. If you have considered the options and believe university is for you, I highly recommend it. It will certainly be a strenuous experience, but the skillset, knowledge and ability to think critically that you will gain are more than worth it.”

22 March 2018