Dr. Alistair Jewell

Postdoctoral/ Lecturer/ Researcher, Liverpool Hope University, studied Community and Social Care at UCLan

I studied Community and Social Care (CSC) at UCLan.

The course taught me how to link theory to my practice as someone working with homeless people. It was challenging in that it covered the structural, economic and social aspects of care and social justice and presented me with the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice. Through my experience of studying the course, I chose to continue onto further study and undertook an MA in Social Policy.  This then led to me undertaking a PhD into a study relating to the experiences of homeless people and finally into a career in lecturing and research.
The BA course provided me with an excellent platform to develop my career and the lecturers and staff on this programme were a great source of encouragement and support, both during my studies and throughout my academic career.

During my time at UCLan, I made many lifelong friends and had the opportunity to take part in a wealth of extra-curricular activities. I would advise anyone thinking of developing a career linked to social care in any form to investigate what this degree has to offer.  In terms of both academic and practice related skills and as a stepping-stone for future careers development. Studying CSC at UCLan can open up so many future possibilities for students who embrace the challenge.

Alistair Jewell