Lecturer Rob Hamilton will spend four weeks with the England squad, looking after all sports with key responsibilities for wrestling, squash and netball to help the athletes prepare for competition and deal with injuries that occur.

The 44-year-old, who has been a Physiotherapy lecturer at UCLan for the last seven years and a physiotherapist for 17 years, is no stranger to such high profile events after working at the last two Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and Delhi with the same team. He was offered the job for Australia at the end of 2016.

17 April 2018

We used a surf board to illustrate Team England’s medal tally gold, silver and bronze.  Great games and hugely successful!!

16 April 2018

Sports Director and Deputy Chef de Mission Don Parker and myself at the Closing Ceremony.

Don Parker, Charlie Bowling and myself at the Closing Ceremony.

Here I am with the Gold Medal winning Netball Team!

Here I am with the very tall Chris Gregory, who reached the semi-finals of Beach Volleyball.

15 April 2018

We’ve been enjoying some entertainment and had a little fun in the village.

14 April 2018

The final day of the Wrestling was another great success. Syerus Eslami, wrestling at 86kg, warmed up in another early start beginning immediately after the weigh in at 8:00, he was the first match of the day. We dealt with some strains that he picked up in his matches through the morning session and worked with him to optimise his recovery between bouts.  He piled on the pressure in his matches to win English Wrestling third bronze medal.

Syerus Eslami

He made a great gesture carrying his coach on his shoulders in a parade lap, overall a great team effort.

These fantastic games are coming to an end today and I’d say that the team ethos and professionalism of all the athletes, coaches, HQ medical team, and HQ staff involved have been the best I have had the privilege to work with.

13 April 2018

A successful Bronze for Georgina Nelthorpe on Thursday and a successful Bronze medal for Charlie Bowling. I am so happy for them both.

We also have a little fun with the head coach Anatoli, who is a great fun guy as well as a brilliant Wrestling mentor, just making sure he remembers to carry the water and towel to the mat!!

12 April 2018

Moving into the second day of competition and working with the athletes on their individual needs, perhaps facilitated stretching, releasing trigger points and hypertonicity, taping or the typical Wrestling arm squeeze and back friction rub, it’s all about giving the athletes the optimal support to do their best.

11 April 2018

Charlie and George partner up to go through practice drills and I deliver physiotherapy at the mat side.

The competition starts tomorrow for our first Wrestlers. This is what we have come here for!!

10 April 2018

We are at the training venue for a morning session for technical mat work and individual preparation.

9 April 2018

We have now all moved into the games village and the run up to competition has really stepped up the gear

5 April 2018

Rob providing physio to Charlie

3 April 2018

“Another busy day in the prep camp and as more athletes move onto the games village we have moved our support to a different area in the Rydges hotel prep base.”

“The views from the room were spectacular today and the colours in the sky were picture perfect. Time for a quick photo opportunity then back to work.”

2 April 2018

“The wrestlers arrived in prep camp and it’s all hands on deck once again to support them in their training and recovery. Here George Ramm and UCLan’s Charlie Bowling are stretching post-wrestle conditioning.”

“And then onto treatment for Charlie, time to help mobilise his lower back, followed by soft tissue release and assisted stretching techniques. Same job but look at the magnificent Brisbane river view…”

30 March 2018

“Helen Clitheroe and I just met in passing in another busy prep day here in Brisbane. Helen has just returned from a great session she held at the track and I had just picked up some coffees for the medical team in another really busy day here. Everything is going really smoothly and the athletes and staff are all in good spirits and feeling confident.

“Physio is going really well, we have such a strong team here but there is lots to do other than hands on clinical practice. We all contribute towards keep the clinic tidy, replacing towels, monitoring the ice baths, attaching the cooling cuffs, as well as other manual work”



28 March 2018

“I have just arrived in Brisbane following a mammoth but comfortable 24 hour trip. It is great to be here and the medical and HQ team are very organised and have created wonderful facilities.  The image below shows the view we have in the prep camp HQ over Brisbane River - fantastic! It’s great to be supporting the athletes’ preparation here, and we have a very busy evening ahead of us.”

It’s a huge honour to be given this job for a third time and I’m really looking forward to it.







Rob Hamilton

A multi-sport event like this has such an amazing atmosphere so it’s a privilege to be a part of it and work with top professional athletes and support staff.

“I’ll be doing the job I do every day just in a different setting. It benefits my students because I can share clinical examples from elite sport and really give classroom learning some good context.

On a personal level, it’s a great professional development opportunity and I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with like-minded coaches and back room staff.

“My aim is to help the athletes hit the ground running and be in peak condition for the start of the Games, but of course you have to be reactive and be prepared for many eventualities.  I’m confident England Wrestling will be successful in the Commonwealth Games and I’m looking forward to supporting the campaign.”