Community History Project

This second year module allows students to undertake a project for an external organisation, something that looks very good on your CV! Small groups of students work on a project over a full semester and have produced museum displays, radio programmes, and educational resources.

The History of Lancaster Assembly Rooms

The Community History Project has been an enjoyable part of our academic year. We engaged with this module as it was a different approach to researching and writing about history. We were given a real client from Lancaster Museum, and we had to work from a set brief, about the history of the Lancaster Assembly Rooms. This provided us with an academic experience within the museum sector, which has proven useful for those in the group that are considering a career in this area. 

This was also the first time that we had looked into local history before, which uncovered a more detailed range of information than we first expected. We found it interesting to gradually uncover the uses of the building, by completing research in archives – a skill which this project has allowed us to gain. Consequently, we now feel more prepared for our dissertation projects next year, as we have already conducted independent research in a formal academic environment. 

In addition, this is a module which engages with history in the public eye directly. It has given us a chance to develop our written language for non-academic history, and learn how to design a museum display panel. It has also enhanced our skills in working within groups, as well as allowing us to identify and use our individual strengths to put together our exhibition.

Leah, Hannah, Danielle, and Zoe