Ben Cooper

BEng (Hons) Building Services and Sustainable Engineering

Working as an electrician before starting at UCLan, BEng (Hons) Building Services and Sustainable Engineering student, Ben Cooper saw a career in engineering as his next natural step. Electing to study part-time at UCLan, Ben has been able to continue working for Chris Bowker Limited, although the part-time option has meant Ben is now in his fifth year of studying.

“I have had to sacrifice a lot of time in order to achieve my goals. However, my employer has supported me throughout my studies. I believe that the short-term sacrifices made now will more than pay for themselves throughout the remainder of my career,” Ben said.

Since the get go, Ben has developed existing skills as well as learning new ones and believes that the challenging and long course has brought him on in a number of areas.

“I have a greater ability to solve problems and overcome challenges. I now know how to research a topic, and support my arguments with evidence and facts. I feel more confident as a professional and, as a person,” Ben added.

“I enjoy the speed at which I have developed an understanding of engineering principles and technologies; something I would have previously found daunting and complex. I feel that this continues progressively through each semester, as your mind develops and adapts to the learning experience.”

His work for Chris Bowker Limited has resulted in Ben being involved in a number of large projects, with his dissertation being inspired by work he has overseen.

“My dissertation is focused on the performance of installed ground source heat pumps, and decarbonising heat energy, in the UK. I have visited two sites already, and am looking forward to getting involved in a larger project with some promising data. It’s an exciting time to be a building services engineer!”

It’s fair to say that Ben Cooper has thoroughly enjoyed his five years at UCLan studying Building Services and Sustainable Engineering and with the Engineering Innovation Centre opening in 2018, the man himself believes the University’s status in the engineering sector is growing year after year.