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Alex Wang Shiping

Course - Interior Design


Alex studied with us for five years in total away from his native country of China. Alex was very driven from the beginning and the economic value of his study with us was a real motivating factor. Alex once recounted that once he had graduated from his post graduate studies that he would double his wage back home in China. His study time must have been lonely at times and Alex played on this aspect of life to develop new ideas for students studying at Universities in a foreign country. He developed a part of our own UCLan Campus to house a kind of hostel where for a period of time parents and other family members could join them whilst they continued to study. Providing a home hub for 3 weeks a year was felt by Alex sufficient to ease the pain of separation whilst providing opportunities for the University to expand its connections with distant families connected with our students. The families that visited also had opportunities to travel to the UK, sharing some of the study opportunities of their siblings.

The results were astonishing and Alex achieved an award of Masters with Distinction.