Paying your fees

Fees and finance

Your tuition fee is calculated based on your study profile. Once a profile is created it will generate an associated fee. There are a range of options available for payment of fees.

Tuition fee loans

If you're a UK student, you can apply for a tuition fee loan to fund your university tuition fees, as several courses are available for support. It is your individual responsibility to apply for funding and in doing so find out if your course is eligible. You'll also need to find out if you're eligible for funding from student finance.

If you have previously had support from student finance or have a previous award, you may have your funding affected for new applications. If a student finance loan is not available, then you'll be expected to pay fees directly to UCLan whilst studying. Loans are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

View our tuition fee policy

Self funding study

If you're paying your own fees there are a range of payment options available to you. This will depend on the type of study you are undertaking and your nationality.

It's important that you keep your contact information such as address, phone number and email address current through MyUCLan.

Letters of sponsorship

If you have an employer/sponsor who is paying your tuition fees you will need to provide via email a letter from your employer/sponsor detailing where the invoice should go. This letter should include your university registration number, which typically starts with G.

Please ensure any purchase order number or other relevant reference is included. The sponsor will be expected to make payment upon receipt of invoice.

Sponsor letters should be emailed to the Student Fees and Funding Team. If a sponsor letter is not received before billing begins students will receive an invoice directly in the first instance.

Make a payment

Payments should be made to the University in the following ways:

Further information on making payments or what to do if I miss or cannot make my payment