Student Charter

About us

To help our students achieve and succeed, we need to work in unity, in a partnership between the University, our students, and the Students’ Union.

We all have a role to play. To help, we have created this Student Charter to set out expectations for all of us.

Our mission is to help people to seize every opportunity to flourish in education, at work and for life. We’re proud of our mission and we take it seriously. Whatever your goal, together we can make it happen.

Your University will:

  1. Provide a high-quality educational learning experience, ensuring you receive challenge, stretch and opportunities.
  2. Enhance your future prospects and employability through your curriculum and extracurricular opportunities.
  3. Ensure we involve students in our work, developments, and plans.
  4. Invest in a sustainable future and consider impact on the climate in all that we do.
  5. Treat each of you with respect, and be professional, kind, and supportive.
  6. Ensure a safe and accessible environment, providing what you need to enable your development.
  7. Deliver timely support and advice through your course and support services.
  8. Give timely feedback on your coursework and support your progression to help maximise your success.
  9. Provide an inclusive community and a sense of belonging for all, reflected in the curriculum and the campus experience.
  10. Actively listen to feedback and respond in a timely manner to continually improve your student experience.

As a student you should:

  1. Fully attend and engage with your studies, actively stretching yourself, and trust us to deliver what you need.
  2. Be curious! Access as many opportunities as possible to build your profile, experiences, and future opportunities.
  3. Take up opportunities offered in learning, teaching, and research, contributing to the university community. 
  4. Play your part in culture change for sustainability.
  5. Be respectful, kind, and supportive to others in the University, including in class, the wider community, and online.
  6. Comply with our policies and procedures to stay safe and supported to realise your potential.
  7. Always share with us when you need help or support, and look out for your fellow students as well.
  8. Engage with all feedback and actively seek to reflect, learn, and continually improve.
  9. Accept and celebrate diversity, constructively challenge, and help everyone improve inclusivity.
  10. Give us feedback - issues, praise, and ideas, to support ongoing improvements and sharing of good practice.

Your Students’ Union will:

  1. Maintaining our core principle of student-led, democratic decision-making.
  2. Working to ensure the Students’ Union is a welcoming place where all students feel listened to, and have a sense of belonging.
  3. Providing services and activities that are inclusive and led by students, for students.
  4. Providing free access to high-quality independent advice and representation when students need support.
  5. Giving students the chance to get involved, have a say and make change happen.
  6. Amplifying the student voice and advocating for our members to ensure students’ experiences and needs remain at the heart of decision-making.
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