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Student Charter

We believe that students and staff form a single academic community working together to achieve our goals. We should all have reasonable expectations of one another and be committed to behaving professionally and respectfully. This Charter has been developed by your university and your Students’ Union. It outlines our academic community culture and the principles we uphold.

Student being given careers advice by staff member

Your University will:

  1. Act in a respectful, professional and inclusive way showing its commitment to equality of opportunity for all.
  2. Provide a safe environment, accessible learning opportunities and appropriate resources to enable your development.
  3. Provide timely academic and pastoral support through your individual academic advisor and support services.
  4. Give prompt feedback on all your academic activities and support your progression to help maximise your success.
  5. Listen to you and encourage you to help shape your University experience.
Students with language books

As a student you should:

  1. Behave in a respectful way showing consideration for others and the environment in which you are studying.
  2. Play an active role to maximise your learning experience.
  3. Respond to feedback to help you improve your performance and learning experience and talk to us about how we can make positive changes.
  4. Be proactive in maintaining your health and wellbeing and tell us when you need help and support.
  5. Comply with university policies, regulations and codes of practice.
Students socialising on red chairs

Your Students’ Union will:

  1. Provide services and activities that are safe and inclusive to all students, actively challenging discrimination.
  2. Provide access to high quality, independent advice and representation, as an open door, democratic organisation led by students.
  3. Work to ensure that everything the university does is fair to all.
  4. Represent, support, connect and inspire you to achieve your goals, ensuring the best student experience for you and future students.
  5. Give you the chance to get involved and have your say in Union and University decisions.
Your Student's Union