Research themes

Our research fits under six broad themes, ranging from arts and culture to transformative sciences and technology.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Led by world leading academics and practitioners we have a thriving culture in fine arts, film, theatre, dance, music, humanities, languages, linguistics, cultural studies, heritage and global studies.

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Citizenship, Society and Justice

With a range of expertise across many fields, we work with our community, private and public services, and policy makers. Together, we carry out transdisciplinary research into the causes of social polarisation, inequality, disadvantage and exclusion. 

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Lifelong Health and Wellbeing

We work closely with individuals, groups and communities in both the UK and overseas so that we can understand the factors which affect their quality of life in terms of their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. 

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People, Place and Environment

With a range of expertise across many areas, our research spans the fields of archaeology, environmental science, the built environment and art installation. 

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Sustainability, Business and Enterprise

The research that we do supports the needs of business, the economy and the wider society. In particular we are engaged in collaborative research involving human wellbeing, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, production and consumption, risk management and business development.

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Transformative Sciences and Technology

Our research is recognised internationally for the important contribution it makes to scientific advancement, technological development and addressing significant global challenges. Our work is leading to solutions to problems experienced across industry, the business community and the public sector.

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