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Dr Swarnim Gupta

Research Associate
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Swarnim Gupta is a researcher in nutrition science with interest and expertise in the area of micronutrient research, particularly, developing effective food based strategies to control hidden hunger. She is a member of the UCLan Research Centre for Global Development (C4Globe).

Swarnim is involved in a BBSRC Global Challenges Research funded large scale trial investigating the effectiveness of biofortified wheat in eliminating zinc and iron deficiencies in Pakistan (BiZiFED2).

Swarnim has worked on various projects exploring the potential of fortification, biofortification and dietary diversification approaches in mitigating iron and/ or zinc deficiencies. As a PhD scholar, she attempted addressing the issues of iron deficiency through the method of dietary diversification and formulated diversified Indian diet high in bioavailable iron. During her post-doctoral project, she undertook studies that entailed development of bread fortified with novel yeast cell capable of synthesizing haemoglobin, and of a novel compound for iron fortification. In her current role at UCLan, Swarnim is contributing to a project that assesses the potential of a biofortified (agriculture and agronomic) wheat crop to improve zinc and iron status in a resource limited setting in north-west Pakistan.

Swarnim developed a high throughput method for screening plant foods for iron dialyzability using florescent probe, and also contributed to delivery of an android application to carry out diet surveys in resource limited setting of rural central India previously. Swarnim has experience in both laboratory techniques as well as working with the community.