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How Clearing works

Confused about how Clearing works? Our guide to Clearing is here to help you prepare, so you can apply with confidence.

How to apply through Clearing

This step by step guide tells you how to apply for a course through Clearing 2022 and what steps to take once you receive your offer.

You can apply through Clearing any time from 5 July 2022, but the guidance below tells you what to do once you have received your results. For most of you, this will be on results day (Thursday 18 August 2022).

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Can I apply via Clearing?

Clearing is your opportunity to secure your place with us. You are eligible for Clearing if:

  • Your grades are not as expected to meet your conditional offers
  • You don't have any university offers or have only just decided to go to university
  • You applied via UCAS after 30 June

Key dates for Clearing 2022

We've put together a timeline of key dates for your diary. Please visit the UCAS website for detailed information on times and dates for Clearing 2022.


Clearing is now open and officially opened on 5 July 2022. You can apply for a course through Clearing if you don't hold an offer from a university, and the course still has places available. You will automatically be entered into Clearing if you apply via UCAS from 5 July 2022.

Need help with your university application?

Take the next step towards your future career and apply to study one of our courses. When you're ready to apply, read our guidance to help you with your university application.

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