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Schools and Colleges Liaison

We are committed to working with Schools and Colleges to raise awareness and aspirations towards higher education opportunities.

We know that our relationship with students starts even before they enrol at the university and our team are experts in providing information about our programmes so that students have the knowledge they need to make a successful application. The guide outlines how we can work with you to support your students in their journey to higher education.

How we can work with you

  • Provide you with a dedicated contact at the University to work with you through the year to build a tailored programme of engagement for your students.
  • Access to a range of subject specific engagement activity.
  • Provide a programme of advice and transition activity to support your students from awareness raising, to application and then to enrolment.
  • To provide a series of teacher and advisor networking and learning events to help you support your students.

We have developed a range of activities and fun resources for children of primary school age for use in school, or at home. These activities include Dino Bridges, ‘News Presenter’, ‘Sound’ and ‘Scene in a Box’. For copies of these resources, please contact us.

Meanwhile, our colleagues at UCLan Publishing also have a range of resources activities, videos and videos that you can download from

Subject engagement resources

Our team work alongside you to encourage and raise the aspirations of your students with our range of events targeted both secondary and college level students.

What can the University offer my students this academic year related to the Gatsby Benchmarks?

We are developing several sessions based upon current undergraduate subjects that we offer here at UCLan to give your students a better understanding of what studying these subjects at university might be like, and hopefully inspire them to think about studying these subjects in the future.

What years are these resources suitable for?

At secondary level these sessions are targeted at years 9, 10 and 11 and at post-16 institutions have been designed for Level 3 learners.

What resources can I use?

Our series of resources are short, self-contained sessions, that can be delivered within your normal timetable and are focused on one or two tightly defined learning objectives to help you and your group explore subjects in more depth:

  • Subject Introduction – This series of subject level videos are designed to inspire your students by showing them different subject areas they could consider at university level.
  • Practitioner-led workshops – The sessions are created in partnership with you to encourage your students to engage at subject level and to share their thoughts, aspirations and opinions.
  • Practice Projects – We have devised a series of activities that you can use in the classroom or alternatively can be done at the home. The sessions have been designed so that anyone can deliver them and they do not require specialist equipment.

How to make a booking

To enquire, please contact us at and we’ll get back to you so we can explore all the options we have available for you.

Higher Education transition advice and guidance

Our team can work with you to deliver quality and high impact activities, which will raise the engagement and aspirations of your students and allow them to make informed decisions about their future.

Our team and students are happy to talk to you to help you get the answers to the questions you have about studying at university, applying to UCLan or wondering what student life is like on campus in Preston? Our friendly Ambassadors are ready to share their experiences.

We offer a UCAS personal statement checking service, along with hints and tips to make sure your university application stands out from the crowd. So, whether you’ve just started your draft or have hit writer’s block, you can book a personal session with one of our experts.

Book your session.

Higher Education sessions

There is a lot of information for students to process and take in when it comes to Higher Education (HE). Here we answer their burning questions on the benefits of studying at University, the opportunities and guidance available to them and much more.

This session provides the perfect introduction to all things HE related. Students will be introduced to the benefits of studying at degree level followed by an overview of the types of courses available, subject choices offered and the different environments for studying in.

Working with students, we advise them on choosing the perfect course for them as well as what to consider when looking for the right University.

This session will look at the range of courses open to students from traditional subjects to the more vocational based. Research is the key to students finding the right course so we will explain the types of things they should be looking at as well as considering the range of establishments where it is possible to study HE courses at and the key things they should be considering.

Are your students unsure where to begin with their UCAS applications? If so, we can offer a variety of different sessions to help get them started including a personal statement presentation, a writing workshop, or one-to-one appointment.

Our personal statement presentation begins with a recap of the application cycle so that students know what to expect over the coming year, before focusing on the personal statement section of the UCAS application form. We will look at the structure, what to include as well as providing lots of useful hints and tips. The initial presentation can be followed up by a personal statement writing workshop. Students can also book a personal session with one of our experts.

An increasingly popular and attractive alternative to traditional degrees, this session will explain what degree apprenticeships are, how they are structured, the pros and cons and how and where to apply.

Are your students struggling to understand how the University fee system works? Are they put off higher education due to the debt? This session will help students understand the support available, how and when to apply and the repayment system. There is the added option of finishing with a fun, interactive, group budgeting activity.

This session is also suitable for parents and carers.

Our student ambassadors have a real passion for inspiring students in the possibilities of Higher Education. Students increasingly want to engage with current students who can share their experiences with them. We can work with you to create a range of authentic activities that can be delivered on or off campus, that offer a unique perspective on the HE experience.