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Medicine and Dentistry

UCLan undertakes research into medicine and dentistry on a global basis to produce evidence to improve clinical practice and treatment, as well as develop and improve the professional skills of those working in this vital field.

Dentistry and Medicine


Our medicine and dentistry research group aims to provide quality research evidence that will inform clinical practice and health policy, resulting in real differences to the lives of patients and the public. With strong links to health organisations at local, regional and national levels, as well as academic institutions in the UK, Europe and the USA, UCLan focuses on three main areas:

  • Oral and dental translational research
  • Applied public health and epidemiology
  • Dental and medical materials

To find out more about research within medicine and dentistry, contact Professor StJohn Crean.
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The Oral Dental Sciences Research Group works with national and international collaborators to explore the putative link between the presence of oral pathogens and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia. The focus is on the translation of innovative findings into novel preventative measures to improve oral health and reduce chronic disease.

Methodologically rigorous research in the Applied Public Health and Epidemiology Group focuses on key strategic themes such as cancer, stroke, obesity, musculoskeletal health and oral health, working across disciplines and with organisations to both provide robust evidence and effect improvements in these vital areas.

The effectiveness of training strategies that will develop professional skills and expertise, and therefore improve the quality of practice, is the focus of clinical education, making impact at national policy level.

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