Research ethics


We are committed to the highest possible ethics standards.

All projects conducted by University staff or students that involve human participants, personal data, human tissue, or animals need ethical consideration. Research should be undertaken in ways that safeguard the dignity, rights, health, safety and privacy of those involved.

To support our University staff and students, we have established a thorough ethical review procedure. The information on this page aims to guide researchers through the ethical review process.

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Do I need ethical approval?

All staff and postgraduate research students conducting research on behalf of the University should complete an ethics checklist to ascertain whether ethical approval is necessary for their research.

How to apply for ethical approval

If a University ethics review is required an ethics application form should be completed electronically and emailed to the Research Ethics Team. You should also email us any supporting information, research tools (e.g. questionnaires). Also where appropriate you should complete a GDPR checklist and any relevant health and safety forms.

Ethics review panels

At UCLan, the University Committee for Ethics and Integrity is the formal body responsible for developing and implementing ethical policy and procedures which is then administered by the Ethics, Integrity and Governance Unit.

Review process

Applications are reviewed by one of the research ethics panels, operated primarily using an online process. Applications are submitted and reviewed electronically to allow for quicker responses.

Depending on the type of project the review will be either:

  • A full review: the application will be assigned to at least two reviewers from the relevant research ethics review panel who will review your application.
  • Chair’s action: if the application has already been awarded ethical approval from another institution or appropriate organisation it will be reviewed by chair’s action.

Call for ethics lay members

The University of Central Lancashire is seeking individuals interested in joining one of the University’s research ethics panels or committees as lay members. We are looking for people interested in research to offer their expertise to help ensure our research practices meet recognised best practice and ethical standards.