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Our Mathematics research covers a wide range of pure, applied and education focused maths.

Current research interests are in combinatorial aspects of algebra, in functional analysis and its interactions with algebra and group representations, and in model theory.

In applied mathematics, members are interested in mathematical acoustics, including analytical techniques in aeroacoustics, underwater acoustics, and loudspeaker design.

We have members researching pedagogy and mathematics education, in particular fostering engagement and mathematical resilience, from primary school to HE and adult learners returning to education.

Chris Powles works in the field of mathematical acoustics. To date, his work has involved the application of analytical techniques to problems related to aeroacoustics (specifically to the noise problems of modern aeroengines), and to problems in underwater acoustics and in loudspeaker design.

Davide Penazzi researches Mathematical Education, especially on the use of experiential learning and facilitation to increase motivation of studying mathematics in schools, developing mathematical resilience and helping with transition to HE. Davide's scholarship has led to collaborative projects with outdoor education practitioners and health practitioners on the effective methods to teach mathematics and numeracy.

Davide Penazzi works in Applied Model Theory. He is interested in real closed fields, and in applications to topological dynamics.

Jonathan Wilson works with the interplay between combinatorics, geometry, and representation theory. Specifically, he aims at using cluster algebras (and related structures) to unearth deep connections between these subjects.

Matthew Daws works in Functional Analysis, and its interactions with Algebra. In particular, he is interested in analytic aspects of representation theory, harmonic analysis, and quantum groups.

Further information can be found at the JHI website