Evaluating the Economic Impact of the Preston Model (Community Wealth Building)

This programme of research evaluates the economic impact that community wealth building initiatives (a.k.a. ‘The Preston Model’) have had upon the Lancashire economy and community.

The ‘Preston Model’ of community wealth building is an attempt to blend coordinated local procurement, the steering of investment, development of new cooperative enterprises and the strengthening of local supply chains, to generate growth and good jobs in the local economy.

The programme of work, undertaken by the research team, seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of this approach in terms of its socio-economic impact upon the local economy and community.

Research Team


Work undertaken by the research team helped to inform the early development of the ideas which ultimately coalesced into what became known as the ‘Preston Model’. Preliminary discussions were chaired by Whyman, whereas a mapping study, undertaken by Froggett and Manley into cooperatives within Lancashire, informed that element of the strategy. Manley was a founding member of the Preston Cooperative Development Network. Both Whyman and Manley have provided local and national policy advice relating to different aspects of community wealth building.

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  • eight people together

    A delegation from Mondragon, Spain, was invited by the University of Central Lancashire to visit the campus and the city of Preston for four days in early November 2021.

    Monday 15 November 2021
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Professor Philip B Whyman
Professor of Economics
School of Business

Philip B Whyman is Professor of Economics and Co-Director of the UCLan Research Centre for Business, Management and Enterprise (URCBME). In this role, Philip leads the research activity of the university in the field of economics and political economy. He teaches aspects of econo...

Dr Julian Manley
Research fellow in the Centre for Citizenship and Community
School of Health, Social Work and Sport

Julian researches human relations and social innovation from a psychosocial perspective. His work supports the work of the Centre for SME & Enterprise Development through connecting the university’s civic mission and the work of the Preston Model and community wealth building, in...