Connect Centre for International Research on Interpersonal Violence and Harm

In the Connect Research Centre, we do research to influence change and to prevent and reduce all forms of sexual, gender-based and interpersonal violence against adults, children and young people. We are called ‘Connect’ because we are making connections between: 

  • Responding to overlapping forms of violence and violence experienced at different stages of life, such as gendered violence to adults and violence, abuse and neglect of children
  • How we understand and respond to violence across different areas of knowledge and practice, such as social work, criminal justice, health, education, the voluntary sector
  • Understanding and preventing violence across different relationships, countries, settings, communities, cultural and political contexts
  • Research, policy and practice


Our research is policy and practice focused and often collaborative, working with other researchers and organisations both in the UK and internationally. We also provide a specialist environment for PhD and postgraduate research training; consultancy; a forum and opportunities for cross disciplinary and international networking, debate and collective influencing through the Connect Members Network; and support activities for knowledge exchange and the use of research to influence change.