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Christine Barter

Dr Christine Barter

Professor of Interpersonal Violence Prevention
School of Social Work, Care and Community

Dr Christine Barter is Professor of Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Co-Director of the Connect Centre for International Research on Interpersonal Violence and Harm. Her research interests include children and young people’s experiences of peer violence and abuse, institutional abuse, prevention of violence, domestic violence, research ethics and the integration of childhood studies and gendered power theories. She has led on a range of national and international research projects, most recently focusing on violence prevention. Christine supervisors a range of PhD students.

Christine is an nationally and internationally recognised expert in child and family welfare having led and managed over 20 research projects over the last 20 years. Christine's research interests fall into four interconnected areas: Young people’s experiences of violence and abuse in their intimate relationships; Looked after children; Evaluations of services for children, parents and families, including families with complex needs; and Evidence reviews. She has published widely on these issues.

Christine has been involved in a range of advisory roles including: 

  • Invited member on the A Sporting Chance: An independent review of sport in justice, Ministry of Justice, 2018.
  • Advisor on the Parliamentary Briefing Paper drafting the amendments for the statutory implementation of relationship and sex education (relationship education in primary schools) 2018
  • Special advisor to the Government’s Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in schools Inquiry, 2016-2017. 
  • Invited speaker, Sexual Abuse Seminar, Houses of Parliament, Dept of Education. 2014. 
  • Short-listed for the University of Bristol Impact Award (2014).
  • Member of the Home Office Young People’s Relationship Violence Working Group
  • Home Office Consultant: Acted as the main consultant on Home Office public awareness media campaign on the issue of teenage partner violence; repeated for subsequent campaigns 2010; 2011; 2012; 2014;2016.