Value for money statement

At the University of Central Lancashire, the governing body ensures that there are adequate and effective arrangements in place to provide transparency about value for money for students and for taxpayers.

We are in a strong position to add value to the fees that students pay – not just for their tuition, but for their whole experience of being at a large civic university in a small, safe city, creating positive change in their lives and in their working and living environment.

We take great pride in our role as a financial anchor in the region.  Our students and graduates support the sustained impact and value the University offers as a significant driver of economic, cultural and social development, offering value for money back to the taxpayer as well as to the student.  As one of the largest employers in Preston, we provide many work opportunities for our students and our local community.

How we create value for our students

The University’s Vision is to “transform lives by delivering an outstanding educational experience, creating prosperity and opportunity in the communities we serve.”  We believe that this vision creates value for students in the following ways:

  • Our innovative teaching and strong industry links;
  • Through work experience opportunities, placements and creating employability;
  • The provision of excellent student support;
  • Student engagement and governance;
  • The learning environment and external engagement; and
  • Travel opportunities add value to the overall student experience.

Summary of 2021/22

In 2021/22, the University was able to provide a much more familiar experience to students following the previous two years that were heavily affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. Despite this, COVID-19 continued to present challenges for both students and staff, which the University rose to with innovative approaches to blended learning building on significant investment in IT infrastructure, as well as enhancing the built environment through improved ventilation, signage and sanitation facilities.  The University is continuing to review operating arrangements to ensure that we offer the best possible experience for students and all of our people.

University finances

The following information sets out how the University finances work, where our income comes from, what we spend our money on and shows how a typical undergraduate student fee is used.

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